Ken and Vesta: Reno Wedding and Portrait Photography


We are a team of photographers who will stay with you through your whole day, recording it all, your makeup, hair, ceremony, reception, everything and more.

We are Ken Douglas and Vesta Irene and no matter how big or small your wedding, we would love to be the photographers on your special day.

Vesta is an excellent portrait photographer and loves shooting children as well as weddings and Ken shoots in sort of a photojournalistic style, so between the two of us, you’ll get an artistic and natural blend of photographic styles from two photographers who believe every moment matters.

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We believe wedding photography is an art unto itself and that photographers are like painters, using a camera instead of brush and easel. What we see through the view finder is our canvas. We look for candid looks, subtle nuance and raw emotion. Some shots are obvious, some are not. We strive to find those special shots, the pictures you’ll cherish your whole life through, the ones your children will one day show your grandchildren.

Danielle Rushing to Her Wedding Ceremony

When documenting a wedding we like to start with the bride, so we can capture the moments leading up to the ceremony—make up, wedding dress, lacing it up, shots with the bride and bridesmaids and any other behind the scenes shots, you know, the butterflies and excitement kind. We believe these shots are as important to telling the story of your wedding day as the actual wedding itself.

Ricardo and Melina About to Kiss at the Alter

During your special day we try to blend in, but there will be a few times when we have to position people for portraits. We will try to do this as politely and as efficiently as possible, because although we know you want portraits, you don’t want a photographer getting in the way.

Ashley and Kevin's First Dance on Their Wedding Day

Lastly we know that selecting a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you can make for your wedding.  After the music has faded, the dances are over, and the cake is gone, you’ll be left with your photographs and your memories.

Ally and Scott, by Ken Douglas

We hope once you look at our work you will have the confidence to use us as your wedding photographers. If you pick us, we won’t just show up for a couple hours, we’ll be there the whole day through, till the last song’s been sung, till the bride and groom drive away with that just married sign on the back of their car.

Laura and Jade Kissing at Their Wedding

All of our photographs, every single one, is processed in Lightroom and in Photoshop. That’s where a lot of the art of wedding photography is, in the processing. We like to think of ourselves as artists, but we understand that even though a bride might enjoy our artistic black and white photos of her wedding, she wants the color versions too.

Patricia and Dad, by Ken Douglas

Maria, by Ken Douglas

Nicole  up in the Air, by Ken Douglas

Valeria and Travis, by Ken Douglas

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