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Wedding Packages and Portrait Sessions

Every couple wants stunning photographs taken on their special day. Photos they can look back on and enjoy for the rest of their lives. And that’s what we strive to give them.

Wedding photography is an art, but it’s a business too and we have to charge for our services. That being said, we work hard, we know our craft, we love what we do and if you hire us and we don’t deliver the stunning photos every bride deserves, we’ll eat our shoes.

Wedding Packages 001

$2299 — Package One

Engagement Session (about 50 or 60 photos)

Six hours of Photography with Two Photographers, Including:

Bride Getting Ready, Including Hair and Makeup

Groom Getting Ready

The Ceremony

Formal, Candid & Documentary Style Wedding Photos after the Ceremony


Approxmately 1,200 high res images on a flash drive.

Online Gallery

Twenty-Five Page (50 Sides) Wedding Album, Designed by Vesta

You can add up to two hours of photography to this package for an extra $250 an hour.

$2799 — Package Two

Engagement Session (about 50 or 60 photos)

One Whole Day of Photography with Two Photographers, Including:

Bride Getting Ready, Including Hair and Makeup

Groom Getting Ready

The Ceremony

Formal, Candid & Documentary Style Wedding Photos after the Ceremony

Reception till the Bride and Groom Leave

Approxmately 1,600 high res images on a flash drive

Online Gallery

Twenty-Five Page (50 Sides) Wedding Album, Designed by Vesta

Winter Wedding Prices

Take $500 off the above three packages. Our Winter Wedding Prices begin on November 1st and End on March 1st.

$50 — Headshots

Our headshot package is for those who need a professional portrait for their website or business card. It takes about a half hour and we deliver five professional images.

$300 — Engagement Session    

Our engagement package includes two photo sessions, one in studio and a lifestyle session at a location of your choice. You get one 20 x 20 Metal Print and five 8 x 10 prints, plus an online gallery.

$300 — Portrait Session

Our Portrait session takes about an hour and it can be done either in the studio or in any of Reno’s gorgeous parks or your home or just about anywhere you’d like. With our portrait session you get one 20 x 20 Metal Print and five 8 x 10 prints, plus an online gallery.

$300 — Family Photo Session

Our family photo session takes about an hour and it can be done both in the studio and in any of Reno’s gorgeous parks or your home or just about anywhere you’d like. With our family session you get one 20 x 20 Metal Print and five 8 x 10 prints, plus an online gallery.

$300 — Senior Photo Session

With our senior photo session you can have two or three wardrobe changes and you’ll get between one and two hours of photography at the location of your choice. Our senior session includes one 10 x 10 fifty page album and five 8 x 10 prints, plus an online gallery.

$300 — Boudoir Session

Our boudoir sessions are all photographed by Vesta and you get one 50 page 10 x 10 photo album and five 8 x 10 prints, plus a secret online gallery.

The Details

All of our images in all of the above packages are processed in Both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. The people who grace our photographs, have no blemishes, because we believe that’s how it should be. If you’re having photographs made, you should look your absolute best and it’s our job to make it so.

And lastly, for weddings, we need a nonrefundable deposit of $200 to hold your date and the balance is due two weeks before your wedding.

About the Cost of Wedding Photography

If you look at the graphic below, supplied by SnapKnot, you’ll see wedding photography is a litte pricy,  and if you do the math on the prices below, you'll see that the average price a bride pays for her photographs is $2,800. And that $2,800 isn’t for the photographer’s all day package.

Prices Map

That’s a lot of money in this economy and we can understand why some brides are tempted to use Uncle Harry, who’s been taking pictures his whole life, or maybe a friend, who’s taken some photography classes. But you should remember that good wedding photographers have evolved over time and that they’ve developed a sort of sixth sense as to what’s important to shoot. We like to believe we have, anyway.

Still, your wedding photographer shouldn’t cost more than the down payment of new house in Reno's pricier areas, or more than a new car, though it’s the one thing you probably shouldn’t skimp on. In the end, when it’s all over and the band’s stop playing, the dancing is over and your guests have gone home, your photographs are all you’re going to have to remember your special day. You’ll be looking back over them for years and years, so you want the best photographer you can get for your money.

We believe, of course we’re photographers, that when you’re planning your budget, you should think of your photographs first and that you should find a photographer you’re comfortable with, who shoots in a style you like, and his or her prices should be posted on their website and they should be fair. And those posted prices should be the final price, not the starting price.

You shouldn’t have to call a photographer to find out what he charges. Because if you do, there’s a good change his prices aren’t the same for everybody. Wedding photographers are artists and we have to eat like anybody else, but we shouldn’t be trying to feel out our or brides to see how much we can get. That’s just wrong, artists shouldn’t do that.

I would like to add that Vesta and I have written all of the words on this website, except the ones below. I read this article on wedding photography prices on SnapKnot and thought their writer had taken the words right out of my mouth, so I decided to post it here:

Comparing Wedding Photography Prices

Some wedding photographers cost only a few hundred dollars, while others can charge a small fortune to do essentially the same thing right? Why do wedding photography prices vary so much? We know you might think they're just "taking pictures" and with technology today almost anyone can do it. We're here to tell you... YOU ARE SO WRONG! And you shouldn't choose just anyone to shoot your wedding, it's time to do your research and find the right match.

You've been planning your wedding in your mind since you were just a child. You finally met the love of your life and you're engaged! Now you have to actually plan the big event. Everything from figuring out your budget, finding your dream venue, putting together your guest list... there are countless things that need to be done. A photographer is one of the most important parts of your wedding celebration because you will have the photographs as your wedding memories for the rest of your life.

Even though you may think the food is important (and of course it is... no one wants to pay for mediocre food!), when you are reminiscing about your wedding on your fiftieth wedding anniversary, the special moments captured by your photographer are what you will have to look back at. The delicious salmon you ate that evening fifty years ago will be forgotten. Your wedding photos will be there to help remind you of the emotions that you felt, the amazing details of your wedding gown, and the way your husband got teary-eyed when he saw you in your gown for the first time as you were walking down the aisle. Those are the special moments you want to remember... those moments that can only be captured by photographs.

There are Many Reasons Why a Wedding Photographer Chargers What He or She Does.

Here’s a real life scenario: There are 2 photographers who both have a wedding photography package that cost $4,000.

For that $4,000, Photographer A will shoot for 8 hours on the day of your wedding, and that also includes an engagement photo session, a framed print, a second shooter and a 20 page 11x14 album. For the same $4,000 the second, Photographer B, will only show up and shoot for 6 hours.

There are many variables involved in the costs. Maybe Photographer A is new to the business and wants to offer more for the money because they are trying to build up their wedding portfolio where Photographer B may have 20 years of wedding photographer experience. Also, make sure you do not forget that, just like any company, there are costs associated with running a wedding photography business. Some wedding photographers have a studio where others may simply work from their home. Some wedding photographers stay very busy and need an assistant or additional photographers working for them, while some prefer to work on their own. There are costs associated with the various cameras and equipment that is needed and if the photographer will be traveling to get to your wedding, travel costs and mileage may also be included.

A few other things photographers factor into their pricing is that they have to pay for (just like any other company out there!) marketing, equipment insurance, and of course taxes.

Remember also that a photographer does not just spend time with you when they are shooting your photos, they will most likely meet with you at least once to go over your wedding day, theme, and any specific photos or poses you hope to have. They will also spend a large amount of time after the wedding editing your photos. 

With all these factors in mind, which of the two wedding photographer prices is the better deal? To make this decision, this is where you have to really use your judgement. Ask a lot of questions. Schedule a meeting with each one. Take a look at their past wedding photos, sample albums, and get a sense of their personality, because you need to remember that this will be someone who will be spending a large amount of time with you on one of your most important days of your life...they should be someone who you enjoy being around.

After meeting with both you feel that Photographer B will do an amazing job for his $4,000 wedding photographer rate. He has tons of experience, his images are stunning and the customer service is top notch. Photographer A has decent photos, but the albums you saw were not the best quality and their photos just do not show that "WOW" factor like Photographer B's did.

So, you choose Photographer B. Great choice! You might have to spend a bit more money to get beautiful album after the wedding, but at least you will be in love with all of your images and you’ll enjoy them for years to come. With your wedding photography being such an important momento to your wedding celebration, you really are getting the better deal because of the value Photographer B brings. If you are going to spend thousands of dollars no matter what, why not get the best quality you can?

Still Feel Like You Can’t Afford Your Dream Photographer?

As the months pass that lead up to your wedding you're thinking there's a lot of money being spent already! There's so much to consider regarding wedding photography prices, and the overall wedding photographer cost as it relates to your overall budget with all of the other vendors you are using. Our best advice is even if you're on a tight budget, invest in the best wedding photographer you can afford. Best meaning someone like Photographer B, who might cost more and offer less, but you know you'll get the amazing photos you've always wanted. Then, after the wedding is over, you can always go back to them and order wedding photography packages, prints, albums or any other products you want.

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